Major Update Coming this Summer, X-Plane Mobile

As previously announced at FlightSimExpo, Laminar Research is currently in the process of preparing a major update for X-Plane Mobile. The most significant upgrade is the addition of over 10,000 Scenery Gateway airports converted for mobile use. In total, the program will feature 35,659 airports including 10,257 3D Gateway airports.

According to Laminar, scenery will be downloaded as required when a new flight is started. Then, when no longer needed, the items can be deleted from your device or stored for future use.

Moreover, “Going forward, we’ll be able to take updates from the Scenery Gateway, too. Every few months, Desktop users pick up some 500 to 1,000 new 3D airports from the Gateway, plus hundreds of improvements to existing scenery. Now we can bring those same ongoing improvements to Mobile as well.”

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Release is currently planned for this summer.

If you’d like to read the complete announcement, see the source post via the X-Plane blog.

*Images courtesy of Laminar Research.

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