X-Plane Mobile, Update News

The team at Laminar Research have posted a new teaser image and some additional information regarding the upcoming (major) update for X-Plane Mobile. According to a post via Facebook, “Our X-Plane Mobile update schedule has changed a bit but that is because we decided to do even more with this update. We can’t wait to share more this fall!”

Shortly thereafter, the developer provides some further clarification, “New Plan: Add global scenery, introduce over 10,000 desktop-quality 3D airports, redo the lighting model to use Physically Based Rendering (MUCH better lighting and reflection quality), create a new atmospheric scattering model (better looking atmosphere), improve quality of fog and more!”

You may recall, release was originally planned for this summer but this obviously been pushed back.

Anyway, the view the original teaser image and status update, see the source post via Facebook.

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