X-Rotors AW139 4.00, RC5 Now Available

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X-Rotors has once again released a new product update for the developers highly acclaimed AW139 4.00 for X-Plane 11. The update is designated RC5 and features a number of fixes, additions, and general improvements to the existing helicopter build.

Please see below for a list of changes.


  • Installer for Windows, Mac and Linux with serial autentication and encrypted file archive;
  • Fixed battery issue which was still causing failed re-starts under certain conditions;
  • Fixed generators issue causing battery mischarge and consequent quick draining;
  • Fixed incorrect electrical consumption for every single system on board;
  • Electrical hydraulic pump now off by default and with reduced pressure, as in reality;
  • Added electrical hydraulic pump sound;
  • Fixed hydraulic sources with refined values and display indicators;
  • Added hydraulic Shut-Off-Valve (SOV) switch functionality on the interseat panel;
  • Fixed cyclic FT actuators, now the desired pitch and roll attitudes are kept in ATT mode;
  • Fixed misbehaviour of DH labels MIN and MIN + 100 ft on attitude sphere;
  • The LOW HT AWG switch on the MISC panel now inhibits all low height aural warnings;
  • Added landing gear aural warning < 150 ft with gear up, mutable by LOW HT AWG switch;
  • Added decision height aural warning, mutable by LOW HT AWG switch;
  • Fixed occasional bugs on certain autopilot FD modes;
  • Fixed tricky collective raising in VR;
  • Better sound behaviour at start-ups and shut-downs;
  • Better engine response at higher altitudes;
  • Better rotor spooling-up speed;
  • Fixed minor 3D details on fuseleage and interiors;
  • Added blinking caution and warning lights with HDR spills;
  • Added new user guide.


Keep in mind, the software was last updated (RC4) back in March.

If you’d like to review the original changelog details, see the update tracking page via the developers website. For more information about the X-Rotors AW139 4.00, visit the official product sales page.

*Image courtesy of X-Rotors.

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