XCaptain Freeware Philadelphia Rebooted, Released

UNITED STATES – XCaptain has officially released KPHL, Philadelphia International Airport Rebooted for X-Plane 11 (and possibly X-Plane 10). The scenery is a highly detailed (and freeware) rendition of the real world airport facility as well as a significant portion of the surrounding area. Features include two separate versions (with and without grass), WT3 compatibility, PBR effects, custom 3D models, realistic night lighting, autogate integration, and much more.

Serving the Philadelphia metropolitan area (and Delaware Valley), the airport is a busy international gateway and hub for American Airlines.

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Please see below for a product features list and applicable requirements.


This Scenery Includes:

  • Current Runway Headings
  • World Traffic 3 ready
  • PBR effects and Ambient Occlusion
  • Real World ATC Freq’s
  • New ground and runway textures accurately reflecting real world colors
  • Updated Gates WITH Ground Crew & Objects
  • Taxi lights updated to real world positions & color
  • Ground equipment positioned to allow accessibility to all gates
  • Updated ATC taxi flow and gates assigned by airline.


  • Detailed rendition of Philadelphia International Airport KPHL
  • Accurate Airport Layout – 2019 Data
  • Autogate Integration at Terminal & Corporate ramps
  • Accurate Airport Placement and Elevation
  • Custom 3D Models for all Terminals and Prominent Buildings
  • Hand Placed Object, Buildings & Markings
  • Moving Marshallers & Ground Crew
  • Custom GA & Airline Static Aircraft, covering all major airlines operating from KPHL
  • Realistic Static Aircraft and Buildings
  • Dirt & Grunge Effects
  • External Parking Lot Details
  • Grass & Objects Beyond Airport Fence
  • Custom Realistic Night Lighting
  • Custom Ramp Starts & Markings (airline and gate specific)
  • Handful of Animations
  • 3D Grass (Get those Lawnmowers Goin’)
  • VFR City & River Traffic
  • and much more…..


  • X-Plane 11 (might work on older X-Plane 10 versions, not tested. X-Plane 9 not supported)
  • OpenSceneryX
  • 3D_people_library
  • MisterX_Library
  • Airport Environment HD
  • CDB Library
  • FF Library
  • HandyObjects
  • ru Scenery
  • NAPS Scenery
  • pm_library

Ortho Scenery – Download:

  • Mid Atlantic ORTHO – by ‘ Forkboy ‘


For more information or to download, jump to the scenery page via X-Plane.org.

Keep in mind, many individuals were involved the making of this scenery. According to XCaptain, “Special Thank you to The Handful of a Users who make this community as special as it is: Sunskyjet (Base Scenery), StevePHL (2018 Airport Mods & Philadelphia Buildings), CaptainKMan (Updated Runway Operations) MisterX (Airport Markings & HD Ground Textures), & Alli340 (Airport Parking Help & Airline Assignments Help).”

*Images courtesy of XCaptain.

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