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Time to Say Goodbye

After more than sixteen months of daily flight simulation news, it’s time for us to say goodbye. Over this period, we posted 2,985 articles, served almost 100,000 unique visitors, and made meaningful connections with many in the industry.

09/08/2019 • ANNOUNCEMENT

09/07/2019 • X-Plane

Digital Replica Cessna 310L for X-Plane 11, V1.1.2

Digital Replica Cessna 310L X-Plane 11 V1.1.2

Digital Replica has posted a new product update for the developers acclaimed Cessna 310L for X-Plane 11.

09/07/2019 • X-Plane

Drzewiecki Design Chicago City XP, Night Preview

UNITED STATES – Drzewiecki Design has posted some WIP night lighting images showcasing Chicago City XP.

09/07/2019 • Business

Flightbeam Launches Loyalty Program

The team at Flightbeam Studios have a launched a new customer loyalty program. The program awards points for scenery purchases as well as creating an account and liking on Facebook.

09/07/2019 • X-Plane

ImagineSim Atlanta for X-Plane 11, First Teaser Image

UNITED STATES – Following the P3D release back in August, ImagineSim has posted the first teaser image from Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport for X-Plane 11.

UK2000 Inverness 2019 Released

UK2000 Inverness 2019, Released

UNITED KINGDOM – UK2000 has released Inverness 2019 (EGPE) for FSX and Prepar3D. The X-Plane 11 version is coming next month.

09/07/2019 • FSX/Prepar3D

Aeroplane Heaven C-47/DC-3 New Previews Features List 5

Aeroplane Heaven C-47/DC-3, New Previews + Features List

Aeroplane Heaven has posted some new WIP images, a brief project update, and a comprehensive features list in regard to the developers upcoming C-47/DC-3 for Prepar3D V4.4+.

09/07/2019 • Prepar3D

Flight One Software Issues Statement Regarding Possible Data Breach

Flight One Software Issues Statement Regarding Possible Data Breach

Flight One Software has issued a statement regarding a possible data breach that may have affected numerous user accounts.

09/06/2019 • Business

Fly the Maddog X 1.5b476 Open Beta Released Home

Fly the Maddog X 1.5b476 Open Beta Released

Leonardo Software House has released a new open beta update for Fly the Maddog X – Prepar3D V4.4/4.5. The update is designated 1.5b476.

09/06/2019 • Prepar3D

JustSim Chania for X-Plane 11 Released Home

JustSim Chania for X-Plane 11, Released

GREECE – Already available for Prepar3D V4.4+, JustSim has now released LGSA, Chania International Airport “Ioannis Daskalogiannis” for X-Plane 11.

09/06/2019 • X-Plane

FlightFactor Boeing 757, V2.3.6 + FPDS Now Available

09/06/2019 • X-Plane

FlightFactor, in partnership with StepToSky, have released a new product update as well as the FPDS avionics upgrade for the Boeing 757 Professional V2.

SimArc Islamabad International Airport, Terminal Detail

09/06/2019 • Prepar3D

PAKISTAN – SimArc has posted a couple new preview images showcasing terminal detail in regard to the developers upcoming OPIS, Islamabad International Airport.


08/29/2019 • MSFS 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – August 29, 2019 Development Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 August 29 2019 Development Update 3

Once again, Microsoft has posted a new development update with respect to MSFS 2020. The update includes two new screenshots and three video clips from an early 2019 build.

08/28/2019 • Prepar3D

Aerosoft Airbus A330 Professional, Lufthansa, PBR, and More

Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft has posted several additional screenshots once again showcasing the Airbus A330 Professional.

08/24/2019 • X-Plane

X-Plane 11.40 Flight Model Changes + Developer Preview

Austin Meyer of Laminar Research and Michael Brown of X-Force PC have jointly posted an interesting YouTube video addressing flight model changes in regard to X-Plane 11.40.

08/19/2019 • MSFS 2020

REX Simulations, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Survey Results

REX Simulations has posted the results from the developers Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 community survey.