Aerosoft Douglas DC-8, Version 2.0, 32-bit

Aerosoft has released a new product update for the Douglas DC-8 by Michael Cependa.  The update is applicable to FSX only and brings the software up to V2.0.  Features include the addition of a new cargo model with associated liveries, improved fuel tank selection,  corrections to reverse thrust animations, updated clocks, and much more.  Keep in mind, the V2.0 update … Read More

Aerosoft Maastricht Aachen Airport, V1.0.1.0

NETHERLANDS – Aerosoft has released a new product update for EHBK, Maastricht Aachen Airport for Prepar3D V4.  Developed by Andras Kozma, the update was originally intended to be a large scale upgrade to the original release build.  However, it appears that Andras cannot be reached at the moment which is indeed a matter of concern.  As such and until Andras … Read More

Orbx Old Warden for X-Plane 11, More Previews

UNITED KINGDOM – Announced just yesterday, both Iain Emms and John Lovell of Orbx have posted new preview images from EGTH, Old Warden Aerodrome for X-Plane 11.  Keep in mind, the scenery is yet another X-Plane conversion from FSX and Prepar3D.  Moreover, the airport is intended to work seamlessly alongside TrueEarth Great Britain South.  Release is expected very soon. Check … Read More

QualityWings Ultimate 787, PBR Preview Video

QualityWings has posted a new preview video showcasing PBR materials to be included as part of an upcoming update for the Ultimate 787 Collection.  According to the developer, “Only a few more quirks need to be resolved before we are ready to release this rather extensive update for our Ultimate 787.”  For those interested, QualityWings last previewed PBR effects earlier this … Read More

Onfinal Studio Announces Reus Airport

SPAIN – Following the release of Berlevåg Airport earlier this month, Onfinal Studio has officially announced development of LERS, Reus Airport for Prepar3D V4.4.  Although not explicitly mentioned, the scenery is likely another freeware project. Located nearby the port city of Tarragona in Catalonia, Spain, the airport is a highly seasonal facility handling approximately 1 million passengers per annum.  For … Read More

Very Soon, Just Flight VC10 Professional

Last previewed earlier this month, Just Flight has posted several more screenshots showcasing the VC10 Professional for FSX and Prepar3D.  According to Just Flight, “Here are some more screenshots of the VC10 Professional showing off more liveries and model variants.”  Keep in mind, release is expected before the end of the month. Unlike the existing Just Flight VC10 Jetliner package, … Read More

X-Crafts Embraer ERJ Family, New Cockpit Previews

X-Crafts has shared a new set of preview image showcasing ongoing development progress with respect to the Embraer ERJ family for X-Plane 11.  According to the developer, “More WIP pictures of the ERJ Cockpit!”  Moreover, in regards to texture work and general detail, the developer remarks, “Can you spot the finger prints on the buttons and levers?” Check out some … Read More

VSkyLabs ICON A5, Landing Gear

VSkyLabs has posted two new screenshots showcasing landing gear detail in regards to the upcoming ICON A5 for X-Plane 11.  Specifically, the previews offer a detailed peek at the recently implemented Beringer LSA braking system. With respect to project status, the developer is currently working towards completion of 3D modeling, flight dynamics, and various interaction items.  Keep in mind, release … Read More

PILOT’S Announces Santiago de Compostela

SPAIN – PILOT’S has officially announced LEST, Santiago de Compostela for Prepar3D V4.  Although the project is still in the early stages of development, release is already planned for June. Serving the Galicia region of northwest Spain, Santiago de Compostela is a relatively small commercial facility handling approximately 3 million passengers per annum.  The airport is currently a focus city … Read More

Flysimware Dassault Falcon 50, V1.7B

Flysimware has released a new product update for the developers Dassault Falcon 50 for both FSX and Prepar3D.  The latest release brings the software up to version 1.7B and features a number of cosmetic improvements, various bug fixes, PBR materials for P3D V4, and much more.  Keep in mind, although the update is now available for download via the Flysimware … Read More

AOA Simulations Van’s RV-8, New Previews

As the F35A Lightning II pushes towards release, AOA has once again resumed work on the Van’s RV-8 for X-Plane 11.  As such, the developer has posted a new set of preview images showcasing the external model, another aircraft livery, and ongoing cockpit design work. Check out some examples below. If you’d like to review the original preview images and accompanying … Read More

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